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Caution: Music Varies by Location

By Dillon Vita-Finzi
January 8, 2015
Caution: Music Varies by Location

How many times have you watched a movie and thought about how better life would be if you, much like the main character, were provided an ambient soundtrack to your actions? Now, while strolling on the National Mall, you can have that exact experience by using our app of the week. The National Mall app is currently provided for free by Bluebrain and the iTunes App Store. This application is ideal for anyone looking to make the touring experience much more interesting. The National Mall uses geo-location technology to supplement its users with “location-aware musical compositions” at specific points around The Mall. Depending on where you are, you will be given a unique song that helps to set a tone to your viewing experience. As you move about, your music will evolve based on your location and speed. If you leave The Mall and return sometime later, the songs will stay the same—providing a consistent experience that users can build lifelong memories around.

Additionally, the app itself is very user-friendly. It provides a general map of The Mall  as well as cover art for the compositions. It’s simplistic layout is visually stunning and helps to lay the foundation for an excellent user experience.

If you are looking for an app that can provide you with the ultimate ambient soundtrack while perusing The National Mall, I would highly suggest you look into downloading The National Mall app. Currently, you can find it on The App Store for free. Take a moment and check this app out!