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Bugaboo—Simple Design, Memorable Name

By Sarah Johnson
September 3, 2015
Bugaboo—Simple Design, Memorable Name

“We bring complexity back to its simplest form.” Bugaboo, a Dutch mobility company, is most likely referring to their uniquely designed baby strollers, however I’d like to think this statement may also be applied to their website.

For someone who has no immediate use for their product, I found myself spending (too much) time trolling their website and learning more about their products, product development and culture. Bugaboo’s site makes it easy for someone who has no knowledge of the product type to remain on their website and easily navigate page to page, creating a better user experience. Similar to a well-designed professional services site, Bugaboo holds the attention of a scanning reader through its use of images that compliment their large headlines and minimal text.

Bugaboo takes pride in their product development and views themselves as "mobility concept creators with an inherent and strong drive to innovate.” Their mobility concept easily translates to their web design, allowing users to effortlessly move throughout the website. The homepage is simple. The menu is in the center of the page, clearly directing its visitors to the next area of intended interest. Fewer navigation options for users and clearer direction allow Bugaboo to guide users to areas of the site they want the visitor to discover.

Bugaboo has adopted the basics of the User Experience (UX). They understand the needs, abilities and limitations for the vast majority of their users—­first time parents. You may not get it right the first time, but Bugaboo will certainly make your experience as informative and as easy as possible when it comes to purchasing your child’s first mobility device.