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Broadband Facts. It's the Family of Brand (cue music)

By Burkey Belser
April 14, 2016
Broadband Facts. It's the Family of Brand (cue music)

Is Nutrition Facts a great brand-parent or what? 

Twenty years ago, I tried to convince the federal government that the food labeling system we designed could successfully brand all of its consumer initiatives. Deaf ears. Still, isolated pockets of government seemed to agree now and then. Lighting Facts appeared out of the blue [at least to us] closely following the model. One recognizes the brand-parent immediately, proving you don’t even have to do a particularly good design job; the brand survives. 

Today, we learned of Broadband Facts. As an original brand-parent, I could not be prouder of our new offspring. Could this be improved? You betcha. Does it still carry our DNA? Yes it does. So, keep it up, real men of genius, Mr. Pretty-Good Brand Designer, U.S. Government Consumer Protector, Too-Cool-to-Call-Us Typographer.  Crack open a nice cold Magic Marker and do it again for Mortgages or Batteries or anything else consumers need to understand. You can’t really screw it up. You’ll recognize that cute Helvetica Black smile anywhere!