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Brand Refresh: Archer Norris' State of Mind Campaign

By Liz Sullivan
November 17, 2016
Brand Refresh: Archer Norris' State of Mind Campaign

For years, Archer Norris has maintained a strong and differentiated brand, which is a success story we are very proud of. When the time came earlier this year this to refresh their website, we jumped at the opportunity to use it as the canvas for a brand evolution. 

The refresh project was focused on the homepage with minor modifications to the interior pages. It was a modest scope with potential for a big impact.

Archer Norris has long been strategically focused on the state of California. The existing brand had established that well. With this refresh, we wanted to expand our messaging to reflect the firm's focus on other states, or states of mind, which led us to the construct on the homepage marquee. Upon landing, visitors are immediately greeted by a dynamic brand video which cycles through a series of state of mind headlines. California State of Mind, Business State of Mind and Client Service State of Mind are all illustrated with bold and energetic video footage. The impression made is of a contemporary, sophisticated firm presenting itself as important, confident and a leader.

Below the marquee is a grid of curated highlights to lead the user into the site. Promoted among them is a recent, highly-successful research study in its second edition, a women's program, a blog, news and more.

The updates to the interior of the site were relatively minor but again with significant impact. The black navigation bar that had anchored the top of the page was replaced with a fresh white header and a new menu system inspired by mobile design. Fonts and palette were also updated globally but the structure of the interior templates remained mostly intact. 

This refresh is a great reminder of how to make a little go a long way. We couldn't be more excited with the result! Take a look for yourself at