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Big Idea — When and How to Use Stock Photography

By Burkey Belser
January 22, 2015
Big Idea — When and How to Use Stock Photography

Not too long ago, I wrote that the indiscriminate use of stock photography is killing brand differentiation. That ruffled feathers among some and created anxiety among others. Here is the original post:

We’ve talked about this a lot. Stock photography needs to die. Yet the pace of business and the demand for more and more imagery constantly drives us back to the stock house. We’re guilty of it, too. But understand, the more you use stock photography, the more you kill your brand because at its core, brand is differentiationRead this article from Wired Magazine. Yet another voice added to the growing voices that confirms brands on stock are brands on life support.

Okay, that was bold. And I meant it but, without backpedaling, I’d like to clarify when and where stock images have a role in today's brands. I’ll admit I sometimes speak in hyperbole but, like the father in the back of the room at the PTA, I just want to be heard...

Check out the full article here.