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A Whale of a Logo

By Joe Walsh
February 1, 2016
A Whale of a Logo

Whether you love sports, are a hockey fan, or a just enjoy a great story about logo design, we hope you find this quick read about logo loyalty interesting. The article recounts a phenomenal allegiance to a logo for a franchise that has been out of operation for nearly two decades. On several recent occasions, I encountered 20-something sports fans wearing jerseys or hats for the defunct New England Whalers. Apparently, those fans are not alone as this ESPN article from last week suggests:

“Despite the team’s unremarkable on-ice history, the Whalers’ logo and jersey have proven to be surprisingly durable and popular — even among fans who are barely old enough to have seen the team play. Whalers merchandise was reintroduced in 2009 and has reportedly become Reebok’s top seller among defunct NHL teams.”

For designers and branding fans who may or may not follow hockey, the article shows and tells how the logo came to be. Follow this link and see the initial sketches for a brand that outlasted its franchise.