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A Dentist Office with a Website That Will Make Your Pearly Whites Smile

By Greenfield/Belser
May 21, 2015
A Dentist Office with a Website That Will Make Your Pearly Whites Smile

Certain industries just come with expectation that firms will have a well-designed website. Within the accounting and legal communities, it has become a standard to invest in professional designs that differentiate a firm from its competitors. When a colleague emailed me a suggestion for this week’s Site of the Week, I was surprised that it was for a dentist office. Typically, we don’t see dental clinics that have the design features seen in L’Avenir dental clinic’s new responsive site.

Beyond the ingenious promise of live brighter and the white hues of the design, we love the way the site moves with the visitor to deliver messages interactively. This helps visitors stay interested. The writing also brings a wry smile—two delightful examples, "we tickle ivories better than Chopin" or "pulling teeth requires a lot of wisdom."

The feature that translates the site from English to French, conveniently located in the sticky navigation bar at the top of the page, is essential for this Canadian practice. This is very similar to a feature we added to the Wenderoth site we designed. When you visit, notice the orange Select Language button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Selecting this will give you the option to translate the site into almost 90 languages.

Another feature on the L’Avenir site we found useful is the social sharing button in the lower right hand corner of the homepage. Rather than taking up valuable space on the page, the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons only display when you hover over the share button. The bios are also very nicely presented. The photography is nicely shot with a personal touch.

The sign of a good website design is when you are sold on the product or service it is promoting. In this case, if Clinique Dentaire de l'Avenir was not located 600 miles away, they would certainly have me as a new client.