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Because Recollection: An Impressive, Interactive Approach

By Morgan McKenna
March 18, 2016
Because Recollection: An Impressive, Interactive Approach

For their 10th birthday, Because Music, an independent music label, decided to redesign their website to showcase the music they've produced. The interactive journey follows their songs and artists through a decade of music, in an incredibly engaging way. The website features hit songs from artists such as Yelle, Major Lazer and London Grammar.

When entering the website, a collage of album covers fade in and out like a slideshow as orange, white and blue shapes dance in the middle of the screen and eventually form the word, “Recollection.” Below the word “Recollection”, there are instructions to hold down the spacebar. By doing so, the user launches a miniature load, and music videos cover the screen. Once the user releases the spacebar, they are directed to a page that hosts the album cover of a hit song they produced.  

Users are encouraged to interact with the website in different ways depending on the album page they land on. For instance on the album cover for Sebastian’s "Ross Ross Ross," the user is prompted to click on red lips to show different variations of the album cover while songs from the album play in the background. In Yelle’s "Complètement Fou," the user must scroll upwards with their mouse in order to move Yelle’s head. To get to a new artist, the user must hold the spacebar again.

Another unique tool used on album cover pages is the downwards arrow button on the left side of the screen directing users to the artist’s biography. The artist’s black and white portrait fill the background and move with the user's mouse like a cinemagraph. Below the biography, a link encourages you to discover more about the artist. While hovering over the link, an orange rightward arrow pulsates. To go back, there is an x at the top of the page that expands and vibrates when hovered over.

An additional feature I appreciated was if you clicked into a different tab, the music fades out, only to resume when you return to the tab at a later point. This website is home to many unique surprises and tricks as you browse and is a wonderful way to showcase work. It is delightfully interactive and really caters to the user.