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2016 Annual Review: 10 case studies and more fresh news we are hungry to share.

March 22, 2017
2016 Annual Review: 10 case studies and more fresh news we are hungry to share.

If you’ve not heard, Finn Partners acquired Greenfield Belser in July of 2016. And great new things have been cooking ever since as you will see in this year’s annual review:

  • our logo and elements of our visual identity changed from green (field, get it?) to Finn’s dominant red. We love green tomatoes, but red suits us fine too
  • our garden has grown from a one-office-dominant footprint in DC, with clients everywhere, to offices and resources in major markets like New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Chicago, Nashville and other major business centers
  • our brand strategy, design and content skills are now made more fertile with Finn’s PR, digital and social campaigning capabilities, including work with leading brands around the world
  • our roots in B2B, professional service and association marketing are deepening and expanding with Finn’s experience in the higher ed, health, entertainment, travel/leisure, financial services and technology sectors. Yes, our designers are digging the diversity.

Most importantly, our focus on creating and marketing fresh brands with clients remains at the core of what Greenfield Belser does. Inside you’ll find this year’s picks for brand makeovers, extensions and campaigns that drive growth. Choosing which clients to include in a fixed set of pages is hard for us. We are equally proud of our work for other great clients. 

We hope you take some time to visit the work page of our new website and download our 2016 Annual Review today. For a hard copy, please email