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The Claro Group emerged from a former Big Four accounting firm as a major international provider of economic and financial consulting services. Claro clients are law firms, governments, institutional investors and corporations in major litigation, antitrust disputes, and large-scale insurance challenges. Read more here.

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Tracy Bernstein

Manager of Account Services

1129 20th Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
P 202 420 7573
1129 20th Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
P 202 420 7573
building successful client relationships

For over 15 years, Tracy has worked as a marketing professional, leading a wide range of client accounts as an effective project planner and account executive. At Greenfield/Belser for over 5 years, Tracy now manages the account services team.

Acting as the liaison between the clients and the internal G/B team, Tracy has mastered the nuances of building great relationships. Whether it’s guiding a new client through a full-fledged re-branding engagement or jumping in to help an existing client with a small project, she is always nearby to offer strategic advice or a quick solution. Her intuitive nature and high level of attentiveness provide a reassuring environment and are part of the reason Tracy has built several multi-year client relationships.

Before coming to Greenfield/Belser, Tracy worked as an Account Executive on a wide variety of regional and national accounts for clients ranging from National Geographic and the American Red Cross to Hershey Resorts and Buick. She also has an extensive background working with associations and non-profits on full national paid and public service multimedia campaigns.

recent engagements 

Tracy recently oversaw the launch of a full re-branding effort for Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton. This massive endeavor included a new website, interactive history timeline, a slew of videos and a host of other collateral materials. She is currently working on projects for accounting firms Deloitte and Plante Moran, among others.


On March 22. Which I always thought was the spring equinox, but it’s not.

I grew up in

A suburb of D.C., but when I lived elsewhere through the years, I always told people I was from D.C. Nobody ever seemed to know where Maryland was.

When not working, I particularly enjoy

Going out to restaurants, traveling, exercising (not really, but it’s a hobby), watching football, and doing all of these things with my husband Brett. And I’m a bit of a Washington Caps fan. Well, more like a rabid Caps fan. Have I shown you my photos with Alex Ovechkin yet?