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Erika Ritzer

Principal, Small Firms

2755 Solana Way
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
P 202 420 7542
2755 Solana Way
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
P 202 420 7542
helping small firm brands loom large

Erika is focused on branding service firms with fewer than 100 professionals. She brings over 25 years’ experience in marketing law, accounting and consulting firms.

Erika knows how to get a job completed and guide her clients through every stage of the process. She also realizes that education is key. She teaches her clients the branding process so they can then educate their own professionals. She has always been an employee of Greenfield/Belser. She began her career as a designer but quickly advanced to managing the studio. From there, she took on the marketing of the firm and eventually settled in as the head of account services, helping her own clients while also mentoring young account executives. In 2000, she started the Greenfield/Belser client service program, through which we call each of our clients regularly to solicit feedback to improve our design and service delivery. In 2011, she started the small firms division, to bring the same high quality strategy and design we provide our large clients to smaller firms. 

recent engagements

Recent client engagements include work for Kessler Topaz, Hall Maines, Wenderoth, Coughlin Duffy and Trenam Kemker.


On a holiday—Memorial Day Monday in Philadelphia

I grew up in

Suburbia—Huntingdon Valley, PA (also home of Valerie Plame and Nancy Spungen). I then spent almost 30 years in Maryland and now live in Laguna Beach, CA

When not working, I particularly enjoy

My boys—David, Dylan and Casey, hiking, the beach, drinking coffee at outdoor cafes and inventing stories about people that walk by, 007, and vacationing in Eleuthera.