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Another bumper crop year

And brand new fields to hoe with Finn Partners.
Our focus on creating and marketing fresh brands with clients remains at the core of what Greenfield Belser does. Inside this year’s annual review, you’ll find our picks for brand makeovers, extensions and campaigns that drive growth.

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The Power of the Digital Sales Force

March 1, 2017 — November 9, 2017

The Power of the Digital Sales Force

The Power of the Digital Sales Force

There are two important reasons we all need to revisit the classic marketing to sales familiar funnel: 1) the disruption of this digital age, not just the Internet, but the Internet of Everything and digital’s disruptive effect on marketing programs and plans, 2) the mounting leadership demand for ROI and other metrics to prove the worth of our marketing and to calculate the effectiveness of our sales efforts. 

You will learn:

  • How to rethink the purpose of marketing as a lead generation engine and explain your marketing program to leaders.
  • How a digital sales force can allow marketers to go direct to prospects and create interest and leads without as much hands on effort from your busy or otherwise BD-challenged professionals.
  • The fundamentals of getting clear, noticed, and chosen and how those things help you get results.
  • The importance of compelling content as digital jet fuel for a digital sales force.
  • The difference between branded anchor content and chatter content.