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All of us scatter marketing buckshot trying to find prospects. Other times we target them more closely but, either way, client acquisition has been clumsy and inefficient pattern for years. There is a better way. 

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How to plan, design and build an affordable, winning website

June 28, 2017

How to plan, design and build an affordable, winning website

Three clients—a larger, medium-sized and smaller firm—swept First Place in the website category of the 2017 Legal Marketing Association Your Honor Awards. Each had dramatically different budgets and in-house marketing resources. Our webinar will share their stories in case study form and go deeper into topics like:

1. How to use a web overhaul to land on differentiating brand position and experience.
2. How to usher a successful project like this through a partnership and mistakes to avoid in the broader project.
3. Principles of effective design and content trends.
4. Choice of content management system (CMS) and why it matters (all three firms featured were built on different CMS).

Erika Ritzer and Joe Walsh, Greenfield Belser Principals, alongside Courtney Marti of winning firm Schwabe, will share a visual show and tell with lessons learned and best practices.